5.2.7. Netflow Configuration

Netflow is a network traffic accounting protocol developed by Cisco Systems and currently supported by numerous vendors. To collect traffic information using Netflow, the following components are required:

  • Sensor: gathers statistics on the traffic passing through it and sends this data to the collector.

  • Collector: receives the data from the sensor and stores it.

  • Analyzer: analyzes the data gathered by the collector and forms human-readable reports (often in the form of graphs or charts).

A UserGate server can function as a sensor. To collect and send out statistics on the traffic passing through a specific UserGate network interface, follow these steps:



Step 1. Create a new Netflow profile.

In the Libraries --> Netflow profiles, click Add and create a new Netflow profile. For more details on Netflow profiles, see the section Netflow Profiles.

Step 2. Assign the newly created Netflow profile to the network interface on which statistics are to be collected.

In the Network --> Interfaces section, specify the Netflow profile you have created in the settings for the network interface of interest.