12.5.9. Configuring proxy servers

Commands to view and configure the proxy server parameters are located at the settings proxy level. They allow setting of parameters, such as adding HTTP via and forwarded headers, and the timeout settings for connecting to sites and downloading content. To change a proxy server parameter, use the following command (the <setting-name> is the parameter name):

Admin@UGOS# set settings proxy <setting-name>

You can change the following parameters:




Adding HTTP Via headers:

  • on.

  • off.

By default, it is disabled.


Adding HTTP Forwarded headers:

  • on.

  • off.

By default, it is disabled.


Adding HTTP X-Forwarded-For headers:

  • on.

  • off.

By default, it is disabled.


Timeout for HTTP connections. Default value: 20 seconds.


Timeout for the HTTP content download. Default value: 60 seconds.


Available values:

  • relaxed: use HTTP PROXY 1.1 protocol without specifying the host parameter. This mode contradicts the RFC but may be necessary to provide compatibility with some software.

  • strict: follow the RFC. This is the default mode.


Content download acceleration mode:

  • on.

  • off.

This mode may be incompatible with some sites and is disabled by default.


SYN Proxy mode:

  • on.

  • off.

This mode is enabled by default.


Time for a UserGate server to wait for a response from the ICAP server (in seconds). If the server response was not received within the specified time frame, and the rule action is Redirect and ignore, UserGate sends the unmodified data to the user; if the rule action is Redirect, UserGate does not send the data to the user. The default value is 10 seconds.

To view the current settings, use the following command:

Admin@UGOS# show settings proxy


Admin@UGOS# show settings proxy <setting-name>