Changes in UserGate Management Center 6

UserGate Management Center 6.1.9 (build, 16/01/2023).

Сhanges in new version:

  • Added configuration progress indicator for managed devices in the managed devises list in UGMC.
  • Improved procedure of applying configuration changes from UGMC to NGFW devices.
  • Fixed the problem with updating URL category list added to a rule.
  • Fixed the local lists sync error in MC and NGFW cluster slave node synchronization process.
  • Fixed problem with SMTP notification profiles sync between MC and NGFW.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect application of SSH inspection rule with sftp blocking, if it was created in UGMC.
  • Fixed problem with importing list of overridden domains to MC template.
  • Fixed problem with corrupted configuration file while it was exported to ftp location.
  • Fixed problem with applying gateways with same IPs if they were created by UGMC.
  • Fixed presence checking of gateway address which is optional to specify for all static route types except unicast one.
  • Fixed error occurred after offline update file unpacking when NGFW update performed with MC.

UserGate Management Center (build, 22/08/2022)

Сhanges in new version:

  • Added ability to remove cluster node from managed devices if it was commissioned earlier.
  • Fixed problem with changing password which is used for emergency radmin.
  • Fixed problem with editing of NTP servers setting.
  • Fixed problem with no access to event log after changing of realm administrator's profile.
  • Fixed problem with no default gateway assigned after device rebooted in some cases.
  • Fixed problem with proxy port assigned from UGMC is not applied at NGFW.
  • Fixed problem with using domain administrator accounts assigned to administrators by LDAP group.
  • Improved General settings sync to NGFW devices.
  • Fixed problem with changing zone's access control if configured by UGMC.

UserGate Management Center (build, 08/06/2022)

Сhanges in new version:

  • Added unique check for user's IP address, when creating it in UGMC.
  • Fixed problem with changing AP cluster state when editing cluster configuration on slave node.
  • Fixed problem with deleting URL list from UGMC in some cases.
  • Fixed problem with getting url category for domains listed in Overridden url categories.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect VRF names in gateway section.
  • Fixed problem with updating of IP lists on NGFW if changes were made at UGMC.
  • Improved process of downloading large sized logs.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.6 Release (build, 23.03.2022)

Changes in new version:

  • Improved license check procedure.
  • Servers for remote assistance have moved to Russian Federation.
  • Fixed incorrect GeoIP addresses for EU zone.
  • Fixed incorrect RBAC assigned from UGMC to UserGate devices.
  • Fixed problem with assignment SSH inspection rules from UGMC.
  • Fixed problem with filtering by URLs for list containing Cyrillic domains.
  • Fixed problem with updating AdBloc over UGMC.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.5 Release (build, 11/02/2022)

Changes in new version:

  • Added ability in UGMC to set same IP-addresses for gateways in different VRFs.
  • Added additional checks for imported lists to UGMC.
  • Added check which does not allow to create route to in NGFW templates.
  • Added context help for advanced search in web console.
  • Added support for RAID controller LSI 9361-16i.
  • Improved administrator's login page view for different browser window size.
  • Improved management of local users created from UGMC.
  • Improved UGOS update processing when changing update channel.
  • Fixed error which disallows to grant permission to Diagnostics page by administrators access profile.
  • Fixed problem when firewall rule with user application group does not work.
  • Fixed problem with assigning incorrect administrator profile, if administrator has different profiles assigned to him and to his groups.
  • Fixed problem with creating of Application group.
  • Fixed problem with inability to add url started with // to URL list.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect administrator's IP address appeared in the event log.
  • Fixed problem with local user identification, if it was created in UGMC with static IP address.
  • Fixed problem with logging in to CLI SSH with password containing special symbols.
  • Fixed problem with several gateways can be assigned as default gateways.
  • Fixed problem with spoofing protection defined on zones.
  • Fixed problem with updates from beta channel are not available for devices.
  • Fixed problem with updating AdBlock bases via UGMC.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.4 (build, 17/11/2021)

Changes in new version:

  • Improved web console to manage large number of managed devices.
  • Improved view of errors of sync cluster's nodes with UGMC.
  • Improved export configuration - added overridden domains to export.
  • Improved check for overlapping when assigning virtual IP address in a VRF.
  • Improved Captive portal rules view if there are more than 20 rules.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00199, no header Content-Security-Policy.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00200, no header Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS).
  • Fixed rules filtering problem based on enable/disabled rule option in NAT and routing.
  • Fixed problem with showing of gateways by gateway list CLI command.
  • Fixed problem with loading updatable lists after changing the update mode from automatic to manual or vice versa.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect weight is assigned to a morphology phrase if phrase assigned from UGMC.
  • Fixed problem with inability to set default gateway to the gateway obtained by DHCP if 2 or more gateways configured.
  • Fixed problem with inability to create LDAP connector if use digits in LDAP domain name field.
  • Fixed problem with factory reset function after applying UGMC update.
  • Fixed problem with applying IP lists from UGMC to UserGate.
  • Fixed problem with applying empty lists assigned from UGMC.
  • Fixed problem with adding rule and placing it on top of the rules for Nat and routing, IDPS, Reverse proxy and VPN rules.
  • Fixed problem with accessing console by LDAP administrator created in UGMC.
  • Fixed problem when exported configuration does not contain DNS information.
  • Fixed logs view if there are many pages of logs.
  • Fixed incorrect NAT rules numbering if several templates with NAT rules applied to UserGate.
  • Fixed error when checking LDAP connector.
  • Fixed error of displaying of log with catlog command when connected to CLI as Admin@emergency.
  • Fixed connection error while trying to connect to Log Analyzer server from UserGate over UGMC console.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.3 Release (build, 19/08/2021)

Changes in new version:

  • Added ability to extend data partitions to several disks
  • Added ability to make copies of a template.
  • Added ability to show in managed devices view all templates included in group template and assigned to a specific device.
  • Added predefined values to UserGate Libraries template - groups of URL categories and response pages.
  • Improved firewall rule parameters check before applying.
  • Improved process of UGOS updating on cluster's nodes, created and managed under MC.- Fixed problem incorrect rule placement when creating.
  • Fixed problem of applying time server settings to only one cluster's node.
  • Fixed problem with adding IP address to DHCP option on DHCP server configuration.
  • Fixed problem with applying created from MC rules, if they have Domain groups.
  • Fixed problem with applying settings if user was created in one template, but user's groups are created in different templates.
  • Fixed problem with creating an object in a template with already existed object's name.
  • Fixed problem with creating an object in managed devices with already existed object's name.
  • Fixed problem with creating static DNS record in a template.
  • Fixed problem with DHCP settings configured from MC are available for change for local administrator.
  • Fixed problem with DNS rules which are not working, if they were created from MC.
  • Fixed problem with exported certificate, if it was assigned via MC.
  • Fixed problem with inability to edit VPN networks in a template.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect displaying of inverted conditions in rules.
  • Fixed problem with login to MC as domain\admin/realm format.
  • Fixed problem with no license events in the event log.
  • Fixed problem with OS update files take all disk space.
  • Fixed problem with reserving IP addresses in DHCP in MC and applying it on UserGate.
  • Fixed problem with Save as button in logs does not work.
  • Fixed problem with URL lists containing domains in Cyrillic.
  • Fixed problem, when administrator granted access via AD group, which was assigned via MC, cannot get access to UserGate device.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.2 Release (build, 19/05/2021)

Changes in new version:

  • Added ability to create Alert rules.
  • Added check for existence rule with the same name when creating a rule.
  • Fixed problem with newly created SSL inspection rules are not shown in the list.
  • Fixed problem with inability to delete firewall rule.

UserGate Management Center 6.1.0 Release (build, 09.04.2021)

Main changes in new version:

  • Central management of fleet of UserGate devices.
  • Central management of security policies applied to all or specific devices.
  • Central management of software and data updates of UserGate devices.
  • Central deployment of UserGate devices.