22.2. Installing certificates in Safari and Chrome browsers in MacOS X

Navigate to the folder where you saved the PEM certificate and double-click on it:


Figure 13 - Selecting the certificate file

This will open the Keychain app. Select Add in the pop-up window:


Figure 14 - Adding the certificate

Enter your password to confirm the action:


Figure 15 - Entering the password

Navigate to the Applications menu and double-click the Utilities icon:


Figure 16 - Locating Utilities

In the Utilities subfolder locate and double-click the Keychain Access icon:


Figure 17 - Opening Keychain Access

The Keychain Access window will open. Under the Default Keychains > login section locate an entry called Default Certification Authority and select it:


Figure 18 - Opening the Default Certification Authority settings

In the newly opened settings window navigate to the Trust section and set all parameters in this section to "Always Trust":


Figure 19 - Editing the Default Certification Authority settings

Enter your password to save the new settings:


Figure 20 - Entering the password to update the settings

The certificate is successfully installed.