Changes in UserGate Log Analyzer 6

UserGate Log Analyzer 6.1.4 (build, 17/11/2021)

Main changes in new version:

  • Improved statistics database update procedure during software update.
  • Improved displaying of time in logs, removed fractions of second.
  • Improved combo box option selection for filtering in event log.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00199, no header Content-Security-Policy.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00200, no header Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS).
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00191, allowing XSS attack on search string in Logs and reports page.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00192, allowing SQL injection attack on search string in Logs and reports page.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00189, allowing to create a local user with not complex password.
  • Fixed vulnerability BDU:W-2021-00202, no header X-XSS-Protection.
  • Fixed problem with showing of gateways by gateway list CLI command.
  • Fixed problem with records limit in custom reports does not work.
  • Fixed problem with no logging configuration is in exported config.
  • Fixed problem with inability to set default gateway to the gateway obtained by DHCP if 2 or more gateways configured.
  • Fixed problem with inability to log in to CLI as Admin@emergency.
  • Fixed problem with inability to log in as Admin@emergency to CLI over SSH.
  • Fixed problem with displaying old UserGate node name in logs after it was changed.
  • Fixed problem when exported configuration does not contain DNS information.
  • Fixed error when checking LDAP connector.
  • Fixed error of displaying of log with catlog command when connected to CLI as Admin@emergency.

UserGate Log Analyzer 6.1.3 Release (build, 19/08/2021)

Main changes in new version:

  • Added ability to extend data partitions to several disks
  • Added application description in traffic log.
  • Added new widget for total unique user count for a period of time.
  • Fixed error happened on routes page in diagnostics and monitoring.
  • Fixed error in building custom report.
  • Fixed error in configuring a custom report and grouping for some fields.
  • Fixed problem with catlog CLI command which does not show LogAn logs.
  • Fixed problem with limitation to receive logs from only specific addresses.

UserGate Log Analyzer 6.1.2 Release (build, 19/05/2021)

Main changes in new version:

  • Added ability create reports for up to 100000 users.

UserGate Log Analyzer 6.1.0 Release Candidate (build, 26.10.2020)

Main changes in new version:

  • Compatible with UserGate 6.1.0 Release Candidate.

UserGate Log Analyzer 6.0.1 Release Candidate (build, 17/08/2020).

Main changes in version 6:

  • UserGate Log Analyzer provides single point of analysis for all information from UserGate devices.
  • Allows to collect and analyse data from other devices with support SNMP v2/v3.
  • Has ability to create custom, client tailored reports.
  • Compatible with UserGate 6.0.1 Release Candidate .