15. Dashboard

This section allows you to view the current state of the server, its load, the number of users, the amount of traffic passing through the server, the operation of filtering systems, license status, and so on. Reports are presented as widgets, which can be customized by the system administrator as required. You can add, delete, move, and resize widgets on the Dashboard page. By default, pages with NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operation Center) widgets already exist.

Some widgets allow you to customize the display, specify data filtering, and configure other settings. To configure a widget, click the gearwheel icon in the upper right corner. Not all parameters listed below are available for every type of widget.




Name of widget to display in the Dashboard.


Optional widget description.

Number of records

Maximum number of records to display.

Group by

Data field by which to group the data.


Select how the data is presented. Available values:

  • Number.

  • Pie chart.

  • Column chart.

  • Bar chart.

  • Table.

  • Line chart.

  • World map.

Filter query

SQL-like query string that allows you to limit the amount of information used to build a widget. To construct a query, use field names and values, keywords, and operators. For keywords and operators with examples of their use, see the Data search and filtering section.