13.4. Users Management

You configure users at the users level. You can create, delete users, and also configure authentication methods on SSH server. Up to 10 users can be created.

To add new user, use the following command:

PMC> create users <username>

Next, set the authorization method, password and/or public key. User cannot be used unless authorization method specified.

By default, there is always one user with the login admin and default password password.

It is possible to use the password and ECDSA public key as authorization methods. One or both of the methods can be set for a user.

The following command is used to set authorization via password:

PMC> set users <username> password <password_value>

To set authorization via ECDSA public key, use the following command:

PMC> set users <username> key <public_key_type> <public_key>

To disable an authorization method, delete the password or key using the following command:

PMC> delete users <username> <password | key>

Use the following commands to view information (login, authorization method, and public key) about all or desired users:

PMC> show users PMC> show users <username>