14. System utilities

Administrators can access system utilities in the boot menu during the UserGate server booting process. To access this menu, connect a display to the VGA (HDMI) port, a keyboard to the USB port (if these ports are present on the device), or connect your computer to UserGate using a serial port cable or a USB-Serial adapter. Launch a terminal that supports connecting via a serial port, e.g. Putty for Windows. Establish a serial port connection using 115200 8n1 as the connection parameters.

During the boot process, the administrator can select from the following boot menu options:




Boot UserGate and output diagnostic information about the boot process to the serial port.

UGOS NGFW (failsafe)

Boot UserGate in simplified video mode.

Support menu

Enter the system utilities section and send output to tty1 (the monitor).

Restore previous version

This section is available after updating or creating a system backup.

The system utilities (Support menu) section offers the following actions:



Check filesystems

Start a file system check on the device with automatic error correction.

Expand data partition

Expand the data partition to use the entire allocated disk space. This operation is usually carried out after increasing the amount of disk space allocated by the hypervisor to the UserGate VM. UserGate data and settings are not reset.

Create backup

Create a full backup of the UserGate disk on an external USB medium. All existing data on the external medium will be deleted.

Restore from backup

Restore UserGate from an external USB drive.

Factory reset

Reset UserGate to its original system state. All data and settings will be lost.


Log out and reboot the device.