14. UserGate LogAn Device Management

The process of centralized management of UserGate Log Analyzer devices (LogAn MDs) can be divided into the following 4 steps:

  1. Create a managed realm. See the section Creating Managed Realms.

  2. Create one or more templates, each describing a distinct part of the LogAn settings. For more details, see the section LogAn Device Templates.

  3. Combine the relevant templates into a template group in the required order to obtain the correct final MD configuration. For more details, see the section LogAn Template Groups.

  4. Add a managed LogAn device and apply the template group to it. For more details, see the section Placing LogAn Devices under UGMC Management.

If necessary, the template-based settings can be changed so that the changes are applied to all LogAn MDs to which these templates are applicable.