13.5.2. Libraries Updates

Libraries are updatable resource databases (URL filtering categories, IPS signatures, IP address lists, URLs, MIME types, morphological databases etc.) provided to UserGate customers on a subscription basis. Library updates are uploaded to the UserGate repository from where they can then be downloaded to a UserGate NGFW. If a UserGate NGFW is managed from Management Center, it checks automatically for available updates on the Management Center server which acts as a repository. The UserGate repository is used in this case by the UGMC server for obtaining new updates. By default, UGMC checks for and downloads library updates automatically.

When UGMC does not have access to the UserGate repository, you can import the update manually from an update file you have received in your UserGate client profile (https://my.usergate.com).

Library items created in MC but not used in policies will not be displayed in UserGate NGFW item lists.

Libraries stored in the UGMC repository are available to all UserGate MDs. An MD downloads the update automatically according to its update check schedule.

A library update in the UGMC repository has the following properties:




The name of the update. Not editable, hard-coded in the update code.


An arbitrary description of the update.


The mode used to download new versions. Automatically is installed by default; in this mode, UGMC automatically checks for and downloads new versions in the UserGate repository. If Manually is selected, UserGate will not update the selected library automatically.


The size of the update.


The version of the library update.


The date and time when the specific library was last updated.