6.5.3. TACACS+ authentication server

You can authorize users in the UserGate administrative console using a TACACS+ authentication server. In this case, UserGate transmits the username and password information to the auth servers, and then the TACACS+ servers respond as to whether the authentication was successful.

To add a TACACS+ authentication server, click Add, select Add TACACS+ server, and provide the following settings:




Enables or disables the use of this authentication server.


The name of the TACACS+ authentication server.


An optional description of the server.


Pre-shared key used by the TACACS+ protocol for authentication.


The IP address for the TACACS+ server.


The UDP port on which the TACACS+ server listens for authentication requests.

Use single TCP connection

Use a single TCP connection for communicating with the TACACS+ server.

Timeout (sec.)

The authentication timeout for the TACACS+ server. The default is 4 seconds.

To authorize users in UserGate's web interface using a TACACS+ server, you need to configure an authentication profile. For more details on creating and configuring profiles, see the section UGMC Authentication Profiles.