4.1. General Settings Section

The General settings section is used to configure the basic UserGate LogAn settings:




The timezone for your location. Used in rule schedules and for the correct display of time and date in reports, logs, etc.

Default interface language

The language to use by default in the console.

Server time settings

Configure the time synchronization settings.

Use NTP servers: use the NTP servers from the provided list for time synchronization.

Primary NTP server: the primary time server address. Default value: pool.ntp.org.

Secondary NTP server: the secondary time server address.

Server time: allows time setting on the server. The UTC timezone should be used.

System DNS servers

Specify valid IP addresses of DNS servers here.

Log Analyzer status

The current state of the Log Analyzer server is displayed here:

  • State: shows the current state of the statistics service.

  • Device version: the version of UserGate Log Analyzer.

UserGate Management Center agent

Here you can configure device connection to the central management console that can be used to manage a UserGate LogAn device fleet from a single point.

  • Enabled/Disabled: enable or disable management via UserGate Management Center.

  • UserGate Management Center address: the server address.

  • Device code: a token required to connect to UserGate Management Center.