13. Managing UserGate Next-Generation Firewalls

The process of centralized UserGate NGFW management can be divided into the following 4 steps:

  1. Create a managed realm. See the section Creating Managed Realms.

  2. Create one or more templates, each describing a distinct part of the NGFW settings. For more details, see the section Device Templates.

  3. Combine the relevant templates into a template group in the required order to obtain the correct final MD configuration. For more details, see the section Template Groups.

  4. Add a managed device (NGFW) and apply the template group to it. For more details, see the section Placing UserGate Devices under UGMC Management.

If necessary, the template-based settings can be changed so that the changes are applied to all NGFWs to which these templates are applicable.

UserGate Management Center allows you to create and manage configuration and high availability (HA) clusters. For a detailed discussion of cluster management, see the section UserGate NGFW Clustering Using UserGate Management Center.