11.1. Event Log

The log contains records for events related to changing UserGate Management Center server settings as well as console authorization, server boot/shutdown/reboot, etc.

To assist in finding the events you need, you can filter the records by various criteria, such as date range, component, severity, or event type.

In addition, UserGate Management Center provides an advanced search mode where you can create complex filters using a specialized query language whose syntax is described in the next section, Advanced Search Mode.

After configuring the desired parameters, you can save the resulting filter by clicking Save as. The list of saved filters can be viewed in the Favorite filters tab.

The administrator can select the columns that will be logged. To do that, point the mouse cursor at the name of any column, click the arrow that will appear to the right of the column name, choose Columns, and select the desired parameters in the context menu.

By clicking Export as CSV, the administrator can download the filtered log data in a .csv file for subsequent analysis.

Click Show to open a window with a detailed event description.