6.2.3. Server operations

In this section, you can perform the following server maintenance actions:



Server operations

  • Reboot: reboot the UGMC server.

  • Shutdown: shutdown the UGMC server.

Updates channel

Here you can select the update channel for UGMC software:

  • Stable: check for stable software updates and download them (if any).

  • Beta: check for experimental updates and download them (if any).

The UserGate team is continuously working to improve its software and provides UGMC product updates as part of Security Update license module subscription (for more details on licensing, see the chapter UserGate Management Center Licensing). If there are any updates, a notification to that effect will display in the Device management section. As a product update can take quite a while, it is recommended to account for the potential UGMC downtime when planning update installation.

To install updates, follow these steps:



Step 1. Create a backup file.

Create a backup of the UGMC state in the section Device management --> System backup management --> Create system backup. This step is always recommended before applying updates because it will allow you to restore the previous state of the device, should any problems arise during the update process.

Step 2. Install the updates.

In the Device management section, if the New updates available notification is present, click Install now. The system will install the downloaded updates, and when the installation completes, UGMC will reboot.