4.4. Example Device Templates

UserGate Management Center is supplied with a default Example realm that includes NGFW templates.


The realm and templates it contains are created solely for user convenience. These items can be used or deleted if not needed.

To log in to the Example realm, use the default realm administrator profile with the login/password of ex_admin/Example.

The following NGFW templates exist in the realm:

  • example_content_template: example settings for content filtering rules.

  • example_firewall_template: example settings for firewall rules.

  • example_settings: the general UserGate settings (timezone, UI language, server time settings).

  • UserGate Libraries template: a set of zones and library items such as services, time sets, bandwidth pools, response pages, URL categories, and SSL profiles.


When the UserGate Libraries template is deleted, all predefined UserGate items will also be deleted and thus will no longer be available. It is recommended not to delete this template and instead use it directly or a copy of it when configuring policies related to the library items and zones defined in the template.