3. UserGate Management Center Licensing

UserGate Management Center is licensed by the number of active managed devices. When the maximum allowed number is reached, the ability to add new MDs is blocked. Only active MDs, i.e., those that are enabled in the Managed devices section, count towards the maximum. When there are multiple managed realms, the administrator can allocate the required number of licensed devices to each realm. The total number of managed devices in all realms cannot exceed the number of licensed devices.

A UGMC license grants the right to use the product forever.

The following modules can be additionally licensed:



Security Update (SU) Module

The SU module grants the right to receive:

  • UGMC software updates.

  • IPS signature updates.

  • L7 application signature updates.

  • Technical support.

The module is licensed as an annual subscription. After one year, you will need to renew the license to continue receiving updates and technical support.

To register the product, follow these steps:



Step 1. Go to the Dashboard.

In the console administration section, click the Dashboard icon in the top right corner.

Step 2. Register the product in the License section.

In the License section, click No license, enter the PIN code, and complete the registration form.

You can view the status of the installed license in the console administration section: see the License widget in the Dashboard subsection.