2.4.1. Managing UGMC Services

Managing UGMC services includes the following tasks:



Configuring UGMC

  • Assign IP addresses.

  • Configure zones.

  • Assign DNS servers.

  • Create connections to LDAP servers.

  • Configure alerts.

  • Create additional UGMC administrators with the required rights.

All these settings only affect the operation of the UGMC service and do not affect the administration of managed realms.


Acquire a license for the product (enter a PIN code and register the product) and assign managed devices to each managed realm (optional). If no limits have been defined, any realm may use any number of managed devices as long as the total number does not exceed the number of licensed devices. For more information about licensing, see UserGate Management Center Licensing.

Creating managed realms

Create the managed realms. You can create an unlimited number of managed realms.

Creating root administrators for managed realms

Create root administrators for managed realms.