2.1. Managed Realms

UGMC supports the cloud-based management model, i.e., it allows an administrator to independently manage devices of different enterprises using a single management server. The access rights are defined at the managed realm level. A UserGate managed realm is a logical object that represents a single enterprise or a group of enterprises managed by a single administrator. Each realm has a separate administrator who can only administer one realm assigned to them. Under no circumstances can realm administrators access other realms. UGMC server administrators have the rights to create managed realms and assign administrators to them, but don't have rights to access the objects in these realms. For more information on administrator access rights, see Administrators.

An example of UGMC with multiple managed realms:


To manage UserGate devices in one organization, it is sufficient to create one managed realm.

Settings for UserGate device parameters are made within a managed realm using templates and template groups.