16.7. Tracing rules

Tracing rules allows administrators to see which rules are triggered when processing user HTTP(S) requests. This can be especially useful to identify problems with access to certain sites. To trace rules, do the following:



Step 1. Create a filter.

Click the Configure button under Diagnostics and monitoring --> Tracing rules and specify filter parameters:

  • String: string in the user's request, such as domain name, URL, or content filtering rules.

  • User: user whose requests you want to diagnose.

  • Source IP: IP address from which the user makes the request.

The filter is necessary to limit the diagnostic information output. If it is not set, the system may also display the results of processing other users' requests.

Step 2. Start tracing.

Click Start tracing.

Step 3. Open the problem site.

Ask the user to open the problem site and check what rules are triggered when the site is being opened. All the rules that are executed while the user's request is being processed will be shown.

The administrator can check the content of the Internet resource displayed in the trace by using the Open URL form. The Add to white list form allows administrators to add the selected resource to one of the URL lists existing in the system.