12.12.2. Configuring client rules

You configure client rules at the vpn client-rules level. For more details on the structure of the command to configure client rules, see Configuring rules using UPL.

You need to specify the following parameters:





Action to create a rule using UPL.


Enable/disable a rule:

  • enabled(yes) or enabled(true).

  • enabled(no) or enabled(false).


VPN client rule name.

Example: name("VPN client rule example").


VPN client rule description.

Example: desc("VPN client rule example set in CLI").


VPN security profile that defines a pre-shared encryption key and algorithms for encryption and authentication. Example: profile("Client VPN profile").

For more details on configuring security profiles, see Configuring VPN security profiles.


VPN interface to connect VPN clients. For example, to specify the interface tunnel1: interface(tunnel1).

For more information about how to add and configure VPN interfaces, see Configuring a VPN device.


IP address of the VPN server to which this VPN client connects. It is usually the IP address of an interface in the Untrusted zone on the UserGate server that acts as a VPN server.

Format: server_address("").


VPN protocol:

  • l2tp: L2TP.

  • cisco cryptomap: IPsec tunnel.

Format: service = l2tp or service = "cisco cryptomap".


IP address of a subnet allowed on the UserGate side (Local network). Format: subnet1("ip/mask").

You need to specify a subnet when selecting the following VPN protocol: IPsec tunnel.


IP address of a subnet allowed on the VPN server side (Remote network). Format: subnet2("ip/mask").

You need to specify a subnet when selecting the following VPN protocol: IPsec tunnel.


User name to authenticate a server acting as the VPN client. Only for L2TP protocol. Format: user(). Specify the user name in parentheses.


VPN user password. Only for L2TP protocol. Format: password(). Specify the password in parentheses.

When displaying rules, the last VPN error, the connection status, and the connection time will be displayed in addition to the specified conditions and properties.