UserGate UTM - Virtual Image

UserGate UTM Virtual Appliance allows you to quickly set up a virtual machine with pre-set components. The image is created in OVF (Open Virtualization Format), which supports vendors such as VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox. Disk image is provided for Microsoft Hyper-v and Linux KVM.

Important! ! In order for your virtual machine to run correctly, we recommend using at least 8GB of RAM and a dual-core virtual CPU. Your hypervisor must support 64-bit operating systems.

To launch the virtual machine:

  • Download the image and extract it.
  • Import the image. Instructions for importing the virtual image can be found on the VirtualBox and VMWare websites. For Microsoft hyper-v and KVM create new virtual machine and use downloaded disk image as hard drive, then disable integration services for this virtual machine.
  • Increase virtual machine's RAM size. Set it to the minimum of 8Gb and add 1Gb to every 100 users.
  • Increase virtual machine's hard drive size. Default size is 100Gb, which is usually not enough to keep all logs and settings. Use virtual machine settings and increase size to 100Gb or more. Recommended size is 300Gb.
  • Check the settings for your UserGate UTM virtual machine. UserGate UTM comes with four interfaces assigned to the following zones:
    • Management: the virtual machine’s first interface
    • Trusted: the virtual machine’s second interface
    • Untrusted: the virtual machine’s third interface
    • DMZ: the virtual machine’s fourth interface

    Interface eth0 is configured to get IP address via DHCP and assigned to Management zone. For initial set up administrator connects to web-console to IP address of eth0. If you cannot assign IP address via DHCP, it can be assigned manually via Command Line Interface (CLI). Please refer to administrator's manual for more information about CLI.

  • Launch the UserGate UTM virtual machine.
  • Factory reset UTM. This is important step which must be completed. During this step UTM configures network adapters and resizes its partition to the full size of the disk, increased on the previous steps.
  • Connect to the UserGate UTM Virtual Appliance web console at the address indicated in the console (something like https: //VirtualMachineIP:8001).
  • Adjust the network interface settings -- assign IP addresses to all necessary interfaces, enter the gateway, and make sure DNS servers have been entered correctly. The first-time setup procedure is described in detail in the manual under First-Time Setup.
  • Register the product. In order for the product to work correctly you must receive a trial or full-version PIN code from a sales manager:
  • Check the default UserGate UTM settings. If necessary, consult the manual.
  • The appliance is now ready.