12.1.2. Web Access Log

The Web access log displays all user requests to the Internet via HTTP and HTTPS. The following information is displayed:

  • UserGate node where the event occurred.

  • Event time.

  • User.

  • Actions.

  • Rule.

  • Reasons (if a site is blocked).

  • Destination URL.

  • Source zone.

  • Source IP address.

  • Source port.

  • IP destination.

  • Destination port.

  • Categories.

  • Protocol (HTTP).

  • Type (HTTP).

  • Status code (HTTP).

  • MIME (if present).

  • Bytes sent/received.

  • Packets sent.

  • Referrer (if present).

  • Operating system.

  • Browser.

Administrators can select to display only the columns they need. To do this, click any of the columns and set the check marks for the columns you want to display in the context menu that appears.

To assist in finding the events of interest, the records can be filtered by various criteria such as the user account, rule, action, etc.

By clicking Export as CSV, the administrator can save the filtered log data in a .csv file for subsequent analysis.