4.2.1. Diagnostics

This section contains the server diagnostics settings that UserGate LogAn technical support will need to resolve eventual problems.



Diagnostic details

  • Off: diagnostics logs are disabled.

  • Error: log only server errors.

  • Warning: log only errors and warnings.

  • Info: log only errors, warnings, and additional information.

  • Debug: provide as much detail as possible.

It is recommended to set Diagnostic details to Error (errors only) or Off (disabled), unless UserGate technical support asked you to set different values. Any values other than Error (errors only) or Off (disabled) will negatively affect UserGate LogAn performance.

Diagnostics logs

  • Download logs: download the diagnostic logs for sending them to UserGate support.

  • Clear logs: purge logs of content.

Remote assistance

  • Enabled/Disabled: enable/disable the remote assistance mode. Remote assistance allows a UserGate support engineer to connect securely to a UserGate LogAn server for troubleshooting using the known values of the Remote assistance ID and token. For a successful activation of remote assistance, UserGate LogAn must have SSH access to the UserGate remote assistance server.

  • Remote assistance ID: a randomly generated value that is unique for each remote assistance session.

  • Remote assistance token: a randomly generated token value that is unique for each remote assistance session.