12.1. Creating Managed Realms

To create a managed realm, follow these steps as a UGMC administrator:



Step 1. Create a realm.

In the Managed realms --> Realms section of the web console, click Add and fill in the relevant fields.

Step 2. Create an administrator profile of the Realm administrator type.

In the Administrators --> Administrator profiles section of the web console, click Add and create an administrator profile of the Realm administrator type with access rights to the realm created at the previous step.

Step 3. Create a realm administrator.

In the Administrators --> Administrators web console section, click Add and create an administrator with the profile created earlier.

When creating a realm, provide the following settings:



Default realm

If this checkbox is set, you do not need to add the realm name after a slash for authorization in the web console.


The name of the realm, such as UserGate LLC.


A code consisting of several letters and/or numbers. You will need to enter the realm codename during login to the web console for managing this realm. Example: UG.


Optional description of the realm.

Number of devices

If specified, the realm administrator will be limited to this number of managed devices and will not be able to create more. The specified number cannot exceed the number of licensed connections.

When creating an administrator profile, select Realm administrator as the administrator type and the realm you have just created as the managed realm. To create a realm administrator, select this realm administrator profile. For more details on creating administrators, see the chapter Administrators in this guide.

After you have created the realm and its realm administrator, you can proceed to realm management mode. To do that, log out from the UGMC administrator account in the web console and log in again as the administrator for this managed realm. The administrator login name should be entered as

administrator_login/codename, e.g., Admin/UG.

To return to the console as the UGMC administrator, enter the login name as

administrator_login/system, e.g., Admin/system.