8.2. SNMP Sensors

Using an SNMP sensor, the administrator can connect an SNMP-compatible network device to a UserGate LogAn server to collect and analyze its metrics. UserGate LogAn can display any counters received over SNMP using SNMP queries. To configure an SNMP sensor, you need to have MIBs (Management Information Bases) for the managed device. For more details on managing MIBs, see the section SNMP MIB Management.

To configure an SNMP sensor, follow these steps:



Step 1. Upload the MIB for the device that you want to add for monitoring.

On the LogAn server, go to the Sensors --> SNMP MIB management and upload the MIB file.

Step 2. Create an SNMP sensor.

On the LogAn server, go to Sensors --> SNMP sensors, click Add, and fill in the relevant fields,

These are as follows:




Enables or disables this SNMP sensor.


The name of the SNMP sensor.


An optional description of the SNMP sensor.


The IP address of the SNMP sensor.


The port number for the SNMP sensor. Normally, TCP port 161 is used for SNMP data queries.


The SNMP protocol version to be used with this sensor. Available options: SNMP v2c and SNMP v3.


SNMP community is a string that identifies the LogAn server and network device for SNMP v2c. Use only Latin letters and numbers.

Polling interval (sec.)

The time interval with which the LogAn server will receive data from the network device.


For SNMP v3 only. The username used for authentication on the network device.

Authentification type

The authentication mode. Options:

  • No authentication; No encryption (noAuthNoPriv).

  • Authentication; No encryption (authNoPriv).

  • Authentication; Encryption (authPriv).

The authPriv mode is considered most secure.

Authentication algorithm

The algorithm used for authentication.

Authentication password

The password used for authentication.

Encryption algorithm

The algorithm used for encryption. DES or AES can be used.

Encryption password

The password used for encryption.


Specify all data here that LogAn should query from the network device. The counters can be selected from the MIBs uploaded to the device.

Choose the desired section in the SNMP tree and add the corresponding counter or specify the SNMP OID and type of the counter in the SNMP string.

After you have successfully added a sensor, you will be able to add a new Dashboard widget with graphs of SNMP data received from the sensor.