12.3.2. Incident Report Rules

Report rules set the parameters of the report to be created, as well as the schedule to run the reports and methods of delivering the reports to users. When creating a report rule, administrators specify the following parameters:




The name of the rule.


Optional field for rule description.

Report language

Language to use in the report.


Time range for preparation of the report.

Report format

Format (PDF, HTML) of the report.


The connector to send the report to (optional).


List of templates used to build the report. You need to add at least one template.


Creating a report can take quite a long time and consume a lot of computing resources. It is especially important to consider resource utilization when running reports over a large range of time.

After setting a rule, the user can start creating a report on the selected incident. Once generated, the report is available for local download or transfer to the selected connector.